I'm thrilled to announce I have signed with literary agent Angela Miller from Miller Bowers Griffin Literary Management to represent me on the book version of Honey and Schmaltz! We are in the process of looking for a publisher. Stay tuned!

Honey and Schmaltz was named #1 on a Buzzfeed list of Top 10 Websites Jew Gotta Visit! Choller!

I'm very excited to have joined the team building the USA Pavilion for the 2015 Milan Food Expo. My job is to research and create food content for what is sure to be an incredible installation. 

I'm officially a regular contributor now for Edible Brooklyn and Edible Manhattan, so look out for lots more articles posted here.

I'm very excited that I am going to be the Staff Assistant for TENT: Food NYC; a week-long immersive seminar of exploring Jewish food culture in NYC from Oct 19th-Oct 26th. 

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