HoneyandSchmaltz.com is a website I created for my graduate thesis project in the Food Studies program  at NYU in the spring of 2014. 

I met with 40 different  people in the New York Area who were Jewish and involved in the culinary world in some capacity. Some were cookbook authors, some were chefs, some were bloggers; others were just food lovers who cherished their heritage and their family recipes. I asked each person to share a recipe with me that was especially meaningful to them because it embodied their heritage, had been passed down in their family for generations, and/or invoked vivid food memories. I asked the contributors to cook the recipe while I looked on and took photographs. Finally, I interviewed each person about the story behind the recipe; where had it originated? what memories did it inspire? who was the person that made it for them?

No two recipes or stories were alike.

The result is an online archive of recipes, photographs, and audio stories about histories, traditions, and the inextricable connection between family and food.


 www.honeyandschmaltz.com read the recipes. see the photos. hear the stories.